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Two piece is an urban slang, meaning a slight combo of hands, usually thrown one after the other. In essence it means to hit hard, dead center. Many times leaving the opposition in a daze.


Jaylon W. Glover is the epitome of the term two piece no biscuit. Instead of hands, Jaylon uses his faith, family, education and fancy footwork on the gridiron as his power sources to hit hard. Even as a young man, Jaylon clearly knows about the importance of hard work, dedication and perseverance. His focus is dead center and he values the lessons learned and time spent to get him to where he is now and where he is destined to be.


Jaylon, a.k.a “2P” ( BE THE REASON) is about faith over fear, intellect over ignorance, value over insignificance, community over exclusion, going through versus giving up, and family over everything. In other words, 2P is about pure substance over excess. And that’s who Jaylon W Glover is…..a man of substance. Jaylon W. Glover IS “2P” (BE THE REASON). "All thriller, no filler!"

  • Without Faith we cannot please God.

  • Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things Not Seen.

  • Faith will move mountains.

jaylon family.jpeg
  • The Family is marriage, blood or adoption.

  • The Family is a fundamental social group in society consisting of parent(s) and children.

  • The Family is two or more people who share goals and values, have a long-term commitment to one another and usually reside in the same dwelling.



  • The process which people allow themself to become Educated.

  • The process by which people can gain Knowledge and understanding.

  • The process by which people can "Research" the unknown.

  • Athletics, Physical Sports and games of any kind.

  • Athletics is a process by which people can become competitive in competition.

  • Athletics is a process by which people can gain an understanding of team sport and being a team player.

Faith.    Family.   Academics.    Athletics.   

Jaylon Glover 


Born and raised in Lakeland Florida, December 2003. Rumors have it that Jaylon was huge baby weighing in at (10) pounds and was ready to go way before the world was prepared for his arrival. His earliest memory of influence has been his parents and even till this day they are his best friends. They always ensured that Jaylon had the best of the best both academically and athletically. Jaylon has caught the affections of so many at such a young age. When he was younger his aunt’s named him “BamBam” because as a toddler he would pick up anything, fearlessly and was so much stronger than other kids. 


As he got older, peers affectionately called him “boogie” which transitioned to “BOOGIEMAN” because he would make defenses fear him on the opposing teams. Now as he transitions into Collegiate Sports  he has acquired the name “2 Piece”. 2P goes deeper than Jaylon as an athlete, 2 piece is assessing how he attacks on the field. It shows how he navigates life’s transitions. Family, Faith, Academics and  Athletics are the pillars of the 2P brand. 2P illustrates his core values. Much like Muhammad Ali, he uses the same “2 piece” move and mentality on the field that Ali did in the ring. How he runs the ball on the field, drives through, tackles his opponent and ultimately executes the touchdown is the mentality he uses in life to overcome negativity, adversity, and challenges.  This mentality is how he navigates controversy in all phases of his life and this is what he hopes to display and impart to his generation. No matter what, don’t give up, stay two steps ahead of your opponent and you can achieve whatever you were created to ultimately achieve. 


Academically Jaylon has been an honors student, inducted in the honors society. He took up Ballet and even French. All of this makes him the ultimate, well rounded athlete. The person he admires most is Lebron James, he admires not only what he has achieved on the court but how he has impacted the world through philanthropy. In the next five years Jaylon hopes to be thriving in the league, financially sound and an asset to his community. He plan is to major in Kinesiology and ultimately become a Physician Assistant where he will have the opportunity to continue to work with  and give athletes the same 5 star care he received while developing into the player you see today and will ultimately become.

When you meet Jaylon you will meet a humble young man not moved by titles, his achievements, skill or accolades. He is laid back, funny, smart, and articulate. His core values lie in his belief in God and doing the right thing morally. His focus is helping the community and always being better today than he was yesterday. 


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